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Full Version: Background picture in topview (absolute X,Y)
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A wish is to link a picture as background in the 3D visualisation top view (absolute X,Y).

A picture (drawing or Google Earth, Bing maps) can be used as background (all the common picture extensions should be supported).

The following data should be used so that the absolute position and scaling is correct:
- Absolute X,Y-coordinate upper left corner picture;
- Height picture in meters;
- Width picture in meters;
- North arrow.

One can easily verify a drawing with the top plan view configuration or use it as a presentation picture.
That's an interesting idea!

I wonder whether it would actually be more useful to add a background picture to the 2D pipeline schematics view...

Anyhow, we assigned ticket no J-1707 to this wish.
Yes, it is better for the 2D pipeline schematics (X,Y view).

When the background is used it would be useful to also change the linestyle, line thickness or line color of the schematics.
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