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Full Version: Infinite loop during cancelling Visualisation
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Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.3.1 build 15032

When one clicks on the roadmap by accident during activation of the Visualisation module the program will stay in an infinite loop.

Procedure to reproduce the issue:
Step 1: Open Ple4Win and import the attached XLS file;
Step 2: Do a NEN 3650-2 calculation by selecting NEN 3650-2 in DF1;
Step 3: Process all DFs;
Step 4: Go to table NENSMAX and view the (Element, Sv/f(Reb)-M) and click on the visualisation button;
Step 5: Click on the roadmap at DF5 with your mouse during opening/activating of the visualisation window. This step was done by accident.

After step 5 you will see the screenshot given below.
Cancelling will not happen and Ple4Win will stay in an infinite loop!
<Ctrl+Alt+Del> is the only solution to cancel the program.

We were able to reproduce this behaviour, we assigned ticket no. J-1724 to this bug.

It is an issue about being too hasty Wink The program does not respond correctly if a 3D visualisation is deleted while it is still being initialised:
You are still in the process of showing the selected 3D visualisation, and during that process you want to switch to a different design function (which automatically clears the workspace). So the program tries to close the 3D visualisation it is just busy putting it on screen. Which leads to a race-condition / infinite loop.

It is going to be a bit of an issue to allow a neat cancelation during initialisation. In the meantime, I advise to have a bit of patience and wait for the 3D visualisation to show before closing it again. Big Grin

P Herwig MSc

Fixed in the upcoming release.