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Full Version: Lastchange date missing and occurance fixed in some tables
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Affected Ple4Win Professional v4.3.1 build 15032

The LastChange print date is missing on top of the WARNING table and the occurance is always fixed at 0. The occ should be fixed or removed.
See screenshot below. This issue also applies for the STATUS and JOURNAL output tables.

Adding the occurance and the ChangeDate for these tables is helpful, because it verifies that the WARNING, STATUS and JOURNAL tables are from the last occured calculation.

You are right, the WARNING, STATUS and HISTORY tables do currently not have a LastChange-date and Occurence-number.

We will think about changing that, I assigned ticked no. 1757 to this request.

With the LastChange-date, it should be relatively easy.
Introducing an Occurrence-number actually might be more confusing than helpful. Because which occurence should be displayed? An independent one (increased each time e.g. the WARNING table is changed) does not give any useful information. The same number as the last (successfully?) processed design function? There are a lot of situations where the occurrence number of e.g. DF5 is way higher that that of DF6.2. So that's confusing as well...