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Full Version: Multiple CmSticks
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When there is more then one CmStick connected to a PC, you get the following error:
[Image: cmdongle1.jpg]
I have one other CmDongle (physical) and one CmAct (software-)license installed.
[Image: cmdongle2.jpg]
It looks like it is not possible to run any other protected program next to PLE4Win?
It is indeed currently not possible to run Ple4Win if there is more than one CodeMeter "container" present.
So far we did not encounter this problem with our customers, apparently you are one of the first using multiple CmSticks.

The problem will be solved in the upcoming release of the next version of our program, it then specifically looks for CmSticks containing EDS licenses and only complains if more than one EDS license is found.

In the meantime, for CmSticks, the workaround is to remove the other dongle or switch off its USB port. I have to look into a possibility to temporary disable / hide the CmAct license.

I assigned ticket no. J-1751 to this issue.

P Herwig MSc

Fixed in the upcoming release.