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Full Version: Membrane stresses check might not be correct in Ple4Win
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In Ple4Win 4.3.1 the membrane stresses check is might not be correct in Ple4Win. According to NEN 3650-2:2012 paragraph 3.1.3 ReT should be used instead of Re.
In table 3 of NEN 3650-2 Re is used instead of ReT, but this is not correct I think, because ReT is lower and can occur in the hot pipeline system. The reference to D.3.1.4 is also not correct in table 3; it should be D.3.1.3. I have contacted with NEN about this issue.

Sv;pm/Re-M might be changed into Sv;pm/ReT-M

It is true that the reference in table 3 of NEN 3650-2:2012 for "paalfundatie" is not correct: it should be D.3.1.3 indeed.
In the limit value in table 3 Re is applied, whereas in D.3.1.3 ReT is used. This is not consistent. However, the question is: what is correct?

D.3.1.3 deals with mainly primary membrane stresses caused by a combination of BC2 and BC3, so without a temperature load being a secondary load. Is it obvious that for a load case without temperature the ReT as a criterion is used? A question for the NEN committee.

In Ple4Win the Re is used in case of a load combination without temperature. If a temperature load is present, the Sv:pm/Re is not reported, because then it is not a matter of primary loads only.
Hello Rien,

You right about that the temprature does not exist in BC 2 + BC 3. But if you were applying BC 2 + BC 3 according to the NEN 3650-2:2003 the temperature was included; this paragraph is not changed after 2003. However we do sometime calculate hotwater pipelines in BC 3 with temperature, because this situation can occur.
I have asked a month ago the question to the NEN committee. They will discuss this issue.