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Full Version: SISCONF still used in the Ple4Win v4.4.0 helpfile
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The issue given below is a small issue; it can be fixed in the next version.

In the helpfile of Ple4Win version v4.4.0 SISCONF is used on 3 locations, see screenshots below.

The name should be renamed to SISSECT and/or SISPRC.


You are absolutely right, we missed these occurrences somehow. Note that the underlying links are correct, you will be redirected to the correct table. But the texts were not changed.
We will correct this. The corrections will be available in the offline-help with the next version, the online version at will be updated as soon as feasible.

I assigned ticket no. J-1874 to this issue.
This is fixed in the new Ple4Win Professional build v4.4.0.16050, but is still open in the Educational version.
A new build of the Educational version hasn't been released. I think it will be updated in the Educational version in a future update.

Topic can be closed.
As steel-in-steel functionality is not available in the educational version a new release is not really necessary.

As always, the online version of the help file tends to be more up-to-date than the local version supplied with the program. So if in doubt, please check the online help Wink