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Full Version: Installation and removal issue Ple4Win v4.4.0
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The issues given below are small issues; it can be fixed in the next version.

Issue 1 (only professional version):
The 'Back' button is disabled at the 'Select Installation Folder' step, see screenshot below.
Workaround: You have to Cancel the installation procedure and start over again.

Issue 2 (educational and professional version):
When you want to remove Ple4Win with the following step in the Control Panel the program list of installed programs is not updated after removal
After removal you will see still that the program is still available as installed program:
When clicking on the program to remove it again, this warning occurs:
After this warning Ple4Win is removed from the program list.
Thank you for your feedback!

I fear that your issue 1) will not / can not be fixed. This behaviour has also been the same with previous versions of Ple4Win. It is a limitation of the installer: In the previous page a custom action is performed (the decision on whether to allow Ple4Win to access the Internet or not), and the installer does not know how to reset or undo this action. Therefore the "Back"-option is disabled. As far as I can tell this is inherent to how the installer works and can not be changed by the programmer.

About your issue 2), I do not recognize this behaviour. With our installation tests, the program's entry is correctly removed from the list after an uninstall. It looks like in your case Windows itself is using older data (cached data?) to generate the list, and is only forcing a re-generation of the list after a failed uninstall. I am not sure if there is anything we can do setup-wise. I will look into it, in the meantime, try refreshing the program list after an uninstall, the Ple4Win entry should disappear then.