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Full Version: Undocumented messages in the Warning table
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Ple4Win Professional v4.4.0 build 16050 rev. 26 may 2016


In Ple4Win I get the messages W610/NG and W610/NV in the warning table list:

It may that it has not yet been decided whether theses should be internal messages (undocumented) or official messages (ending on a number, documented). These warnings most likely might be either internal or should be removed completely.
These are internal warnings, which should be handled earlier in the code by an official warning. These warnings will not become official, but we will look into the situation in which these occur.
It would help if we could receive the project file where those warnings occur, if that is possible.
I assigned ticket no. J-1916 to this issue.
Jens I have the project files to