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Full Version: Bug Function stopped due to occurring errors
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Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.4.0 build 16050 rev. 26 may 2016
This bug is always reproducible.


Steps to reproduce this bug:
Step 1: Run the attached project file till DF6.2;
Step 2: Save the project file by clicking on the 'Save the project'-button. This is important. If you don't do this the bug will not occur;
Setp 3: Set Back to DF 4.2;
Step 4: Clear the whole SETZ input table by clicking on the 'Remove all data from table'-button;
Step 5: Run the project again till DF6.2.

You will see that the bug will occur during the end of the element calculations in DF6.2 leaving the project file in a damaged situation.

P Herwig MSc

Shaswin, thanks for reporting. I was able to reproduce this phenomenon and assigned ticket J-1915 to it.