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Full Version: Out of plane stress intensifaction factor
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I think there is some misunderstanding in the stress intensification factor outplane for miter bends and normal bends, see attached files.


In the NEN 3650-1:2012 the outplane stress intensification factor is not the same as ASME B31.8 Appendix E. In the NEN 3650-1 D.6.3/D.6.4 SIX is switched between normal and miter bends. Also the reference [70] is not correct in D.6.4 of the NEN 3650-1.

Is this correct? According to the attached file "mijterbocht" the NEN 3650 is followed in Ple4Win.

I have sent this also to the Dutch code commission, see page 13 of the attached file "CORRECTIES NEN 3650-serie rev46-compressed.pdf".