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Full Version: ADDIDENTS like PIPES
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If you modelled some ADDIDENTS you have to be careful when changing, for example, a bend radius in the POLYDIF table.

The position of the ADDIDENT can change.

When you can model ADDIDENTS relative to other POLYDIF points (=IDENTS), like you can with PIPES, you don't have to worry about that.
I agree with Bas.
With the upcoming new version of Ple4Win, definition of additional identifiers will be different:
A "reference identifier"-column will then be part of the ADIDENT table.
If in a data-row an existing identifier is entered in that field, the additional identifier is placed relative to that reference identifier.
If that field is left empty, identifier are placed as with the current version of the program.

So that should very much cover your request.
Note that additional identifiers are still placed on the nearest node, so the exact position might be slightly different from what was entered in ADIDENT.