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Full Version: E_effective in the Soil Model Wizard in Ple4Win
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There might be an omission in the Soil Model Wizard in Ple4Win. See explaination below:

The predefined soil layers in table 2.b from the NEN 9997-1 is available in Ple4Win. The average q_c of the sandlayer from the cone penetration test (q_c;terrain) will be indexed to a entry value for q_c;table (entry value q_c in table 2.b from the NEN 9997-1). After the indexing the sand soil layer will have the correct soilproperties (E_100 will be E), see example below (source example: NEN 9997-1:2016). In the example E_100 is not devided by C_qc.

The Soil Model Wizard is using an effective E-modulus, which has been corrected. I don't think this is the correct way for using it. The user has been indexed it and now Ple4Win is also indexing it. So it is used twice...

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In Plaxis this is used: