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Full Version: DB Concurrency error
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Affected version: Ple4Win 4 Educatiuonal build 16043

When one uses a button on the Workspace panel, for example the 'Remove all data from table'- or 'Default values'-button and afterwards the 'Previous version'- or 'Next version'-button an OLE DB error or a DB Concurrency error might occur, see screenshot below.

The issue is timing related. Somehow the previous action is not completed before the next action ('Previous version'- or 'Next version'-button) is processed. This issue might also exist in the Professional version.

It can also be related to the issue given in this post and this post.

I can not reproduce this issue with the latest (professional) version of our program, but concurrency errors are mostly hard to track and somewhat random in appearance.
We will look into this. It is possible that this specific problem was already solved in the professional 4.4.1 version (we did not release an educational version at that time).

Our plan is to release both a professional and an educational version with the next version of our program (the educational version might be released a bit later than the professional version), we'll check this issue again with the release candidate of the educational version then.