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Full Version: Add new warning in the list: Horizontal lateral soil rupture at element xxx - yyy
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According to the NEN 3650-1: 'If, in the case of horizontal soil deformation, the pipeline cannot follow the deformation of the soil (horizontal lateral soil rupture), then no horizontal support pressure shall be taken into account.'

According to the NEN 3651:

Every element can be checked (programmed) easily if horizontal lateral soil rupture can occur. Why not, add the possibility in the calculations to eliminate horizontal soil support (LAMBDA or SOILSUP) for the elements where the condition above occurs and give for these elements a warning in the warning list, like: 'Horizontal lateral soil rupture at element xxx - yyy'.
Thank you for this suggestion, this might be a useful addition to the calculation proces. I am not sure automatic application of this rule is a good idea, but a selecatble option is certainly possible.
I assigned ticket no. J-2054 to this request.