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Full Version: Vertical soil stiffness (trenchless)
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There are some omissions in the manual of Ple4Win version 4.4.2 (build 17081) regarding to vertical stiffness.

In the screenshot below kv,bottom is calculated with Eo, which is also used in the trench situation calculated for the range from pipeline axis to 1.5 diameter below the pipeline axis. Is this true, the confusion occurs because Eo is used here en E is kv,top.

kv,top (trenchless) calculates according from ground level to the top of the pipeline, which might be not correct for a trenchless situation, where the pipe has the maximum depth level. The text for E is not changed in the latest revision of the manual (in version 4.4.2 the trenchless formulae is also added for kv,top 'Soil wizard calculations updated to latest NEN 3650-1+C1:2017 version').

The comment below should be changed to page 124 and referred to NEN 3650-1+C1:2017. In this case comment three is also relevant.