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Full Version: Condition PROFILE table
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When one doesn't enters the G-LEVEL table, the PROFILE output table is not created. I know this table is CONDITIONAL.

I wish that this condition could be changed to ALWAYS.
So the Z-axis table would be available in the table without the necassary of inputting the G-LEVEL table. So one could create graphic plots of the Z-AXIS of the pipeline.

P Herwig MSc

Hi Shaswin,

The co-ordinates for all of the nodes of the pipeline are specified in output table NODES. The Z column in this table holds exactly the same values as the Z-AXIS column in the (conditional) output table PROFILE. The pipeline Z-AXIS data is added in the PROFILE table for simple comparence with the other vertical profile data (G-LEVEL, W-LEVEL, etc.).

So you can use the NODES table instead for creating a graphic plot of the Z-AXIS yourself (At least, if I understand your post correctly and you indeed want to use this data to create a plot yourself. Creating a plot in Ple4Win against the z-axis should be no problem with an empty PROFILE table).
Thanks for the info.