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Full Version: Multiple rows for uncerntainty factors in UNCER table
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When all colomns in the UNCER table are set to high all soil parameters of all IDENTS are multplied with the uncertainty factor.

When there is a HDD (hot pipeline in well packed soil), for example the F soil parameter should be devided, but in the field (badly packed soil) it should be multiplied. The UNCER table should have more rows so it would be more flexibel.

There is a workaround for this: take the reciproke of the uncertainty factors in the soil parameters and set all to HIGH in the UNCER table.

P Herwig MSc

Your request for multiple rows in the UNCER table has been filed under ticket 900.

We are researching the possibilities for more flexibility in the Soil Model Wizard as well: Like specifying which part of the pipeline is in well packed soil/badly packed soil, has isolation of specified thickness, etc., etc.