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Full Version: ID numbering still exist in tables Multi-Graph data definition
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According to the changelogs of version 4.1.2 (30 march 2010) the following modification has been done:
- The first column of a table shows the row number when not in test mode.

This modification does not work for the tables in the Multi-Graph data definition, it still show the ID numbering instead of the row numbers.

P Herwig MSc

You are correct, the Multi Graph definition still shows the ID numbering. However, the ID column is an essential part of the Multi Graph definition, since it is used to link curves to a same axis.

As for the (other) data tables, the number column is not really necessary, but can come in handy when browsing the data.

Nevertheless, it would be possible to change the ID numbering of the Multi Graph definition data into row numbers. With it, also the 'Link to (X)' and 'Link to (Y)' fields should be adapted to work with these row numbers. I submitted this adaptation as a request under ticket 902. The text of the ChangeLog is changed to "...first column of a data table ..." to foil further confusion.