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45 degree connections - peipei - 22-12-2011

Dear Mr./Mrs.
I have two questions about connections.
We are now busy with a project which has a lot of 45 degree reinforced connections. After reading the document of “T-stukken in PLE-micro-CAD” rev.7 d.d.1-11-2002, it is possible to do it for the configuration.
But according to the explanation, in the T-module it is combined with Stress intensification factor (SIF) of in and out-plane
In the Tee
However, without T-module we have to input the SXUB1 factor in table CSWEIGH. From what I understand is that
• If PHI-MB is 90 or 270 degree, then Mbi=0, MBEN=Mbo. In this case SXUB1=SIX-OP
• If PHI-MB is 180 or 360 degree, then Mbo=0, MBEN=Mbi. In this case SXUB1=SIX-IP
Question 1:
If PHI-MB is not the case above, how could I combine SIX-OP and SIX-IP to SXUB1?
Question 2:
What is the Stress intensification factor for 45 degree?

RE: 45 degree connections - shaswin - 12-08-2014


Is it possible to extent the helpfile with the important PLE document “T-stukken in PLE-micro-CAD” rev.7 d.d. 1-11-2002

This old document, but still important document, is no longer online available on the PLE website.

Thank you.

RE: 45 degree connections - Bas - 09-05-2016

Is the PLE document “T-stukken in PLE-micro-CAD” still available?

RE: 45 degree connections - shaswin - 10-05-2016

(09-05-2016, 11:39 PM)Bas Wrote: Is the PLE document “T-stukken in PLE-micro-CAD” still available?

I have added a scanned version of the analog version I had. I no longer have the original PDF file.
Note that in Ple4Win Professional v4.3.1 the SIF factors of the Tees (90 degrees) has been changed:


RE: 45 degree connections - Bas - 10-05-2016

Thanks Shaswin!