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Extending tables of Soil Displacements - Faycal - 12-12-2012

A Wish for a coming new version of Ple4Win:

In Function 4.2 Pipeline Loading it is possible in table SUBSIDE to choose the shape Block, Left, Right or Double.

It would be great if you can also choose one of these shapes with a certain length given by the user in the tables SET-Z, SET-Y, SET-X. Till then it is only possible to have linear soil displacements in these tables.

For projects I mostly solve this problem in Ple4Win by putting the soil displacements with a certain shape (e.g. a double) not in e.g. table SET-Z, but in table SUBSIDE. By doing this I also have to correct the standard uncertainty factor in table SUBSIDE from 1,5 to 2,0 for the soil displacements.

I hope to see the tables SET-Z, SET-Y, and SET-X being extended in a new version of Ple4Win with (unselected) shapes.

Thank you.Smile

RE: Extending tables of Soil Displacements - ir KW Radder - 12-05-2016

Hi Faycal,

Sorry for the late response.

I do not quite understand what the benefit is of your request.
Table SUBSIDE has been specifically designed for the shapes mentioned. The generated results of this table are automatically added to the vertical settlements specified in table SETZ. And it is easy to input the value 2 for uncertainty if the data in SUBSIDE are not meant as construction subsidences but as soil settlements. So far no problem I suppose. And when do soil settlements have a pure sine shape?

Perhaps you wish to be able to input the shapes in question in the X- and Y-direction as well. This implies the design of 2 additional tables in PLE. How frequently does the need for this occur?
Please clarify.

RE: Extending tables of Soil Displacements - shaswin - 13-05-2016


Faycal is not working anymore here. He can't reply anymore. The current functionality is good enough in Ple4Win. Topic can be closed.