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Identifiers list Tee - shaswin - 06-02-2013

Version: Ple4Win Professional v4.2.2 build 12120

Tee identifiers should be given first and the bend identifiers.

Row 218 and row 219 should be switched. I think it is now ordered in alphabetical order when the node number is the same.

In this case end of the branch is exactly at the bend start point. But in the IDENT list the bend identifier is listed earlier then the Tee branch identifier.

RE: Identifiers list Tee - Dr. J Foerster - 27-02-2013

Identifiers are listed sorted by node number. If there are multiple idents for one node, the idents are listed as generated by the program, which in this case doesn't quite work out.
We assigned ticket no. J-368 to this issue.