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LOCASE in Fuction 5 - peipei - 17-03-2014


I have a case which is connected by PVC pipe and Steel pipe. In this case all the loading factor for PVC according to NEN3650-3 should be 1,0 and the loading factor for steel is not the case according to NEN3650-2.

But I could not add one extra line to the LOCASE since the number of rows is fixed to 1. Is it possible to apply the SWEIGH form to LOCASE, by which I could set two different loading factors to different pipe sections.

Peipei Dong

RE: LOCASE in Fuction 5 - Dr. J Foerster - 18-03-2014

We already thought about this situation as well, there are ideas about changeing the LOCASE table. We will take your request into consideration. This issue has been assigned ticket no. J-565.