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Extension for 3D tool - shaswin - 05-05-2014


Due to strange displacementscurves in a calculation I want to verify some of the calculated results in PLE with a linear UI tool in the Pipeline Overview with at least three possibilities:
1. To calculate distances between two points(X,Y,Z) in the Pipeline overview;
2. To calculate linear distances between multiple connected points (X,Y,Z) in the Pipeline overview;
3. To calculate the distance from a nearest pipeline node perpendicular on the selected displacement graph (U-AX, U-LAT) in the Pipeline Overview.

One can calculate this manually or view this in Single Graphs or Multiple Graphs. It should be a better User Interface if the Pipeline Overview (plotplan) also has a measure tool which can be activated with the mouse pad. One can measure quickly some displacements.

This can be added in the upcoming 3D tool in may 2014.


RE: Extension for 3D tool - Dr. J Foerster - 07-05-2014

We noted your request as ticket J-1417.
It will not be part of the upcoming release as it is not a trivial thing to add and also because we are already in the testing phase.