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GDI+ Error - Bas - 18-08-2014

Using Ple4Win 4.2.3 (13053) on Windows 8, I get an error using Multi-Graph.

See the error reproduced:

RE: GDI+ Error - P Herwig MSc - 19-08-2014

We've seen this error (and similar ones) before when running Windows 8 on a virtual machine. This issue is resolved in the upcoming release.

RE: GDI+ Error - Bas - 19-08-2014

Just a normal installation of Windows 8 (v8.1 64 bits), not on a virtual machine.
The PC has 16 GB of RAM.
See the memory usage:

RE: GDI+ Error - P Herwig MSc - 19-08-2014

Thanks for the additional information. The amount of memory seems to be quite enough ;-). Although the issue is no longer occuring in the upcoming release, we need to look further into what's causing this problem for version 4.2.3. Apparently it is not (directly) related to some memory leak.