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Bug in CopyPaste Multi-Graphs - shaswin - 20-10-2014

Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.2.3 build 13053

When you have Multi-Graph with in the last ID a linestyle Dash or Dot or DashDot CopyPaste will not work correctly to Word 2010 or Excel 2010.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Open the "BC4 opwarmtraject.plex" which is zipped in the, see attached file in this post;
2. Go to the Multigraph definition "zakking" and click on "Show Graphs";
3. Now click minimum twice with your mouse on the CopyPaste button in Ple4Win, see printscreen below
4. Open Word 2010 and paste the graph in an empty Word document. You will see a purple line has been drawn outside the graph. See also "Document.docx" for the purple line.
Or open Excel 2010 and paste the graph in an empty Excel document. The Excel file will not respond anymore.

This bug is always reproducible

RE: Bug in CopyPaste Multi-Graphs - Dr. J Foerster - 07-11-2014

I can't find an error when using Word or Excel 2007 (which is the Office version I use).

Still, I assigned ticket no. J-1599 to this issue. It might even be an Office 2010 issue. We will look into it, both using the 2007 and the 2010 version of the Office programs.

If I understand correctly, the drawing will insert correctly in Word and Excel if you only click once on the CopyPaste button. So it might also be an issue with filling the Clipboard twice, probably filling it for the second time while the first action is not yet finished.

RE: Bug in CopyPaste Multi-Graphs - shaswin - 07-11-2014

Indeed if you click once on the copy paste button the copy paste will work correctly in Word 2010. Excel 2010 will crash when pasting a picture (Definition 'zakking' should be selected in PLE and then copy pasted) with one click on the copy paste button.
You must have a Dash or Dot or DashDot linestyle in the last ID of the Multi-Graph.

RE: Bug in CopyPaste Multi-Graphs - shaswin - 25-06-2016

This behaviour might also depend on the settings of the Ple4Win Options.
In this case the Test mode under the Advanced Ple4Win Options was on default (test mode not activated: disabled).

RE: Bug in CopyPaste Multi-Graphs - P Herwig MSc - 30-06-2016

Hi Shaswin, thanks for 'kicking' this thread. I have looked into it. The issue is not depending on certain option settings, but, as you have mentioned earlier, the issue is related to the Dash/Dot/DashDot linestyle in combination with printing (including print to clipboard) multiple times. The issue has been resolved.