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Bug in Curves Setup Multi-Graph - shaswin - 07-01-2015

Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.3.0 build 14120

X(min) , X(max), 'X-axis title' are editable when the 'Link to (X)' is set or Y(min) , Ymax), 'Y-axis title' are editable when the 'Link to (Y)' is set .
This should be disabled for edition when the 'Link to (X)' or 'Link to (Y)' is set to a value.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Step 1: Consider you the following dataset in the Curves setup, see printscreen below:
Step 2: Delete value '2' by selecting the empty selection value, see printscreen below:
Step 3: Click now on your keyboard on the value '1' (without using your mouse through the pulldown selection combobox)
Step 4: Click now on X(min) , X(max), 'X-axis title' with your mouse, see printscreen below (row ID 4):
The cells of row ID 4 are editable now (see cursor sign). This shouldn't happen. The text in these cells should be grey (inactive).

Normally it should select value 1 if inserted through the keyboard from the pulldown selection combobox. This combobox should lock itself after inserting the value 1 in the 'Link to (X)' or 'Link to (Y)' coloumn. A workaround is to insert value 1 through the keyboard and click twice with your mouse on the arrow button of the pulldown selection combobox in the 'Link to (X)' or 'Link to (Y)' coloumn. The text in the cells will be then grey and will not be editable.

RE: Bug in Curves Setup Multi-Graph - Dr. J Foerster - 15-01-2015

Good to know, apparently the pulldown combobox reacts differently to changing values by mouse and changing them by keyboard. Why that is the case is not clear to us, but we will look into it.
Luckily, it is not possible to enter out-of-range values this way Wink

Please note also that any changed values in X(min), X(max) etc. done using this way are ignored. The fact that the axes are linked takes preference, so only the data of the linked-to axis is used.

We assigned ticket no. J-1631 to this issue.