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Tutorials are missing - shaswin - 18-01-2015

Version: Ple4Win Professional/Educational v4.3.0

Helpfile Ref: Getting Started > Tutorial Projects / ID: Tutorial_Projects

According to the helpfile Ple4Win also comes with a number useful tutorials. The tutorials should be located by default in this folder "C:\Users\Name\Documents\Ple4Win\Sample Projects"

The folder above and tutorials are missing. Note that the project databases (tutorials) created with the Educational version are not compatible with the Professional version.

RE: Tutorials are missing - Dr. J Foerster - 20-01-2015

The example projects are not missing, the information on the help file is outdated:
The sample projects are now installed to "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Ple4Win\Sample Projects\".
This was done to allow users access to the sample projects, even if the program was installed by a different user (e.g. through an administrator-account).

We will update the help file accordingly. Thank you for mentioning this error.

RE: Tutorials are missing - shaswin - 22-04-2015

This issue is still open and not yet updated in the helpfile of version 4.3.1.

RE: Tutorials are missing - Dr. J Foerster - 19-05-2015

Sorry about this, I'm not sure why it apparently was not fixed with the latest version Sad

I assigned this issue to the next release of our program Cool

RE: Tutorials are missing - P Herwig MSc - 17-03-2016

Fixed in the upcoming release.