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Default panels-layout bug - shaswin - 22-01-2015

Affected version: Ple4Win v4.3.0 (Educational and Professional)

The Roadmap legend button will not be deactivated in the View->Other panels->'Roadmap Legend' when the 'Show default panels-layout' button is clicked on the toolbar.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Step 1: Open Ple4Win;
Step 2: Activate the Roadmap legend by clicking on the blue questionmark on the roadmap panel or using the menu View->Other panels->'Roadmap Legend';
Step 3: Click with your mouse on the 'Show default panels-layout' button on the toolbar;

After step 3 the default panels are loaded and the Legend panel is closed, but the 'Roadmap Legend' selection in the menu isn't deactivated on reset, see printscreen below:


It looks like the Legend panel is activated, but this is not the case anymore, so the selection should be disabled.

RE: Default panels-layout bug - Dr. J Foerster - 27-01-2015

You are correct, the toolbar checkmark was not updated.
I corrected that in our sources, this bug will be fixed in the next release of our program.