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Horizontal support angle - shaswin - 10-03-2015

Ple4Win uses by default a horizontal support angle of 120 degrees for a single pipe. This angle is hardcoded in the source code and is not available for the user to change this value to for example to 30 degrees in the case of a multiple combined pipes, see article of the Dutch NEN 3651:2012. If the horizontal support is supported by a pipe the contact angle is 30 degrees according to the code.
Ple4Win uses the same angle on both sides.

This horizontal support angle is used in combination with the tables LAMBDA and SOILSUP. A wish is to move the angle 120 degrees and put it in the SUPANG input table. By default the value should be 120 degrees when the defualt button is clicked on. It will have effect on the momentcoefficients, see for the calculation of the momentcoeffficients the book 'Geo-Tubomechanica'.

See also here for the wish list.

RE: Horizontal support angle - Dr. J Foerster - 11-06-2015

See this reply...