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Clipboard paste improvement wish - shaswin - 28-10-2015

If there is one value in the copy clipboard and one wants to paste it in the entire (depends on selection area) input column/row, the same value should be written in every selected cell of that column/row.
In the current version a user has to copy the same value sometimes manually in every cell or has to use Excel and then to copy-paste it.

RE: Clipboard paste improvement wish - Dr. J Foerster - 02-11-2015

Basically, this is a good idea. I assigned ticket no. J-1783 to this request.

However, there are a couple of unanswered questions. Do we want this functionality only in case that there is exactly one value on the clipboard? If not, if there are two values on the clipboard and you select 9 target cells, what should the program do? If there are 3 values on the clipboard and you select an area of 3x3 cells, are the values inserted horizontally and then repeated down, or vertical and then repeated right? There might be more complications...

We have to think this through, ideas and comments are welcome.

RE: Clipboard paste improvement wish - shaswin - 03-11-2015

It should work like how Excel works. I would suggest you try your suggestions there and implement the same method in Ple4Win. It will be then more consistent for the user, because the user is used to the Excel work method.
The selection of the cells in Ple4Win should work more intuitive like Excel.