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E200/48: 2 fix nodes at support - shaswin - 09-02-2016


When I have a configuration with a lot of Identifiers a lot of nodes are occupied. When I use S-AX-L in the SUPPORTS (a lot of supports) input table on certain Ple4Win gives an hardcoded error.


Why can't a defined node not be used twice? It has no theoretical background why it shouldn't. This means we have to offset the support a little bit in Ple4Win to the next or previous node.

Could you give only a warning in the warning list without the hardcoded error; so no E-number error but a W-number warning and make it possible to use fix nodes.

As a workaround I use little distances between the nodes (small element lengths), where the offset is as small as possible.

A wish to make this possible in Ple4Win.

RE: E200/48: 2 fix nodes at support - P Herwig MSc - 09-02-2016

Hi Shaswin,

A support with specified support length is modelled as two elements with length equal to half the specified support length (in contrast to a support without lenght, which is asigned to a single node).

Upon composing the pipeline configuration (processing design function 2), the support elements need to be located at or near the specified centre location. In order to fulfil the modelling requirements of the suport Ple4Win might need to shift (or add) some node(s) (one centre node and two surrounding nodes with distance of half the support length). A so called 'fixed' node is a node that cannot be moved. Unmovable nodes belong to e.g. polygon points or other idents.

If the objective of three nodes with specified intervals and specified centre cannot be achieved due to the presence of two nodes that cannot be moved, the error E200/48 is thrown. Error E200/48 is not thrown because a defined node cannot be used twice.

RE: E200/48: 2 fix nodes at support - shaswin - 09-02-2016

Thanks for your explaination. It is clear now.