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Multi Table Print option for GROUPS - Bas - 17-02-2016

Wish: Possibility to print seperate tables for each defined group.

GROUPS defined in Function 2 can be viewed (and printed) seperatly in Function 6.2.
For example for the CSTRMAX table, you can print the Maxima & Minima seperatly for each group.

When using the Multi Table Print feature you cannot choose to print the GROUPS seperatly, you can only print Maxima & Minima of the whole CSTRMAX table.

RE: Multi Table Print option for GROUPS - Dr. J Foerster - 18-02-2016

This might indeed be a useful extension of the multi-table print functionality. I assigned ticket no. J-1829 to this request.

We have to think this through, there might be usability issues we have to find solutions for. Two aspects come to mind immediately: There are/can be a large number of groups, we need an easy selection mechanism within the multi-table window. Also, users most likely want to print the same table multiple times, each time with a different group.