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Uppercase 'INFINite' in module descriptions - shaswin - 18-04-2016

In the document 'INFINite' is written partly with uppercase and partly with lowercase characters. This was related to the legacy DOS PLE version 3. In Ple4Win 8 characters is the maximum of a short function names, so why not write 'INFINite' as 'INFINITE' to make it consistent with Ple4Win.

This issue has a low priority, it is only textual.


RE: Uppercase 'INFINite' in module descriptions - Dr. J Foerster - 19-04-2016

You are right, there are still a lot of "shortname" abbrevations in different texts concerning Ple4Win. And yes, that is partly legacy, but partly it is also by choice. We still offer to use "short names" in the program, as it simplifies communication between expert users.

So we will continue to look into where to change texts and where to leave the shortened names as they are. We will also look into the module description-document.