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Strange E310/11 error in project file - shaswin - 14-06-2016

I have attached the project file where a strange E310/11 error occurs.
I don't use ATOL and RTOL at the same time. Why does this error occurs?

According to the helpfile the meaning of error E310/11 is something else:

RE: Strange E310/11 error in project file - P Herwig MSc - 15-06-2016

Thanks for reporting. We will have a look into it.

RE: Strange E310/11 error in project file - Dr. J Foerster - 17-06-2016

We looked into this issue, it appears you found a situation where the program does not handle relative and absolute tolerances correctly. Your input data describes a situation where at one ident (D30MV14) an absolute tolerance is defined, and at the next ident (D30B65s) a relative one. Both idents have only RTOL1 or ATOL1 defined, which means the program tries to interpolate between those two idents. And apparently interpolation between two types of tolerances fails...

Note that at the other switch from relative to absolute (idents Einde1 and D30CN3B) this problem does not occur, as there is a WEAK element between those two idents, meaning that an interpolation at that point is not necessary.

The error message given is correct in itself, but it uses a wrong error number, as you observed.

We assigned ticket no. J-1894 to this bug. The program should handle this kind of situations in a correct way, either interpolating correctly (whatever that may mean) or not allowing these situationa and warn accordingly.

In the mean time, to work around this problem, please define "hard transits" between relative and absolute tolerances, i.e. use the step-functionality in the WALL-table by using RTOL2/ATOL2 as well.
In the case of your project, just adding the two numbers as shown below is sufficient:

RE: Strange E310/11 error in project file - shaswin - 17-06-2016


Why isn't this possible. It can be fixed by converting it internally to all in RTOL or all in ATOL. I am not using ATOL1 and RTOL1 together or ATOL2 and RTOL2 together.
There are two different materials that are welded at identifier D30MV14 to each other, which has also difference (discontinuity) in nominal wall thickness and wall thickness tolerance.
This is specified by the material codes. I can convert it to one type wall thickness tolerance, but it would be nice if Ple4Win could do that for me. I think the interpolation of the minimum wall thickness can be done when the ATOL1 is abstracted from T-NOM1 and RTOL2 is abstracted from T-NOM2.

RE: Strange E310/11 error in project file - Dr. J Foerster - 21-06-2016

As I said, it should be possible, but currently it doesn't work correctly.

Note further that in your case you did not define a situation where 2 materials are welded together. That would imply a step change in the definition of the WALL table at that point (requiring e.g. RTOL1 and ATOL2), which isn't there initially.
What you defined is a gradual change from one ident to the next, where one ident has a relative talerance and the next one an absolute one. I can't imagine this to happen in a real-life situation, but still the program should be able to handle this situation.

So yes, we are going to work on this, in the mean time use the workaround as described.

RE: Strange E310/11 error in project file - shaswin - 21-06-2016

Thank you for working on this issue Jens.