Steel in Steel

The Steel-In-Steel (SIS) or Steel-Cased-Pipeline (SCP) module allows modelling structures where an inner (medium) steel pipe is encased by an outer (casing) steel pipe for either thermal isolation or as an additional safety precaution. The two pipes can be connected by either fixed connections or roller connections. The latter allows axial movements of the inner pipe with respect to the outer pipe. Both trench-laid SIS sections and horizontally directional drilled (HDD) sections can be modelled. Any movement of the outer pipe is automatically transferred to the inner pipe through the rollers and fixed connections. Movements of the inner pipe (e.g. thermal loads or pre-stressing) are transferred to the outer pipe as well.


A short demo:

3D Visualisation Module

Using the visualisation, more complex configurations can easily be checked on correctness. When visualising result data, the element with the highest (red) value can easily be found.

3D Visualisation

A short demo:

Try out the 3D Visualisation module in the free Ple4Win Educational version.

Soil Model Wizard

Wizards are add-on modules for Ple4Win aiming for an easy interface to supply Ple4Win with project data. The first Wizard developed is the Soil Model Wizard. This Wizard simplifies the obtainment of soil mechanical values through basic soil properties. A step-by-step graphical information is supplied to assist the user in the process. The Soil Model Wizard supports the user with graphical information that gives the user a lot of feed-back….