Create/Open a Project

You can create a new Ple4Win project from scratch or import Ple4Win data from another (secondary) Ple4Win project or Excel file.

Ple4Win automatically converts old project files from previous Ple4Win versions when you open them. On the other hand, converting old PLE-micro-CAD (PLE3) projects has to be performed manually. Use the stand-alone converter program Project324 to convert PLE3 project files.

Click to expand/collapseHow to create a new empty project
1.Click on 'New empty project' button


2.Select the path and enter a name for this project file and click on Open
3.Design Function 1 is now shown in the Overview panel
4.Click on the 'Calculate & Lock' (DfWork) button to confirm your settings

More information about the basic setup of the pipeline project can be found in Design Function 1: Project Setup

Click to expand/collapseHow to open an existing project
1.Click on 'Load existing project' button


2.Select the Ple4win project file and click on Open
3.If an older project file is selected, click on Yes to convert
4.The status of each design function of the selected project is now shown in the Roadmap panel

Info As from version 4.2 it is possible to open a R/O (read only) project file, make changes and recalculate.
Changes of course cannot be saved, but "Save as ..." is an option.

It is also possible to select a project from the recent projects list in the File menu. The number of last opened projects can be defined in the program options (default is 5). Open the File menu and simply select a project from the list:



Info Please refer to the File types description.

Last changed: 14/09/2016