With version 4.2 the file extension for the projects has been changed to .plex. This means no longer 2 files contain the project data, but just one. When opening a 4.1 version project, the project files will be converted to the new format. Be aware having converted a project to the .plex format, the .rka /.rkd files remain available.

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Version 4.2 project file

Contains the most recent data


Version 4.2 backup file

Contains the last data previous to the .plex

.rka /.rkd

Version 4.1 project files

Contain the most recent data.

.bka /.bkd

Version 4.1 backup files

Contain the last data previous to the .rka / .rkd


Version 3.n project file

PLE-micro-CAD data (needs Project324 to be converted)

Last changed: 14/09/2016