Import Data Tables

This Multi Table functionality provides Ple4Win users an ability to import data from an Excel file into Ple4Win input tables. Existing data in input tables will be overwritten unless the input tables are locked.

Please note, that the Excel file to be imported must be suitable for Ple4Win. This means:

data for each table must be on separate worksheets,
the worksheets must be named as table's ShortName, and
data must start at the 3rd row of each sheet.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the empty Excel input file generated by Ple4Win or Excel file created by Multi Table Export mode. This is to assure that a valid Excel file is used in this process.

There are 2 ways to call this Multi Table Import mode:

Select from menu File > Import > Tables from Excel file...

Import Excel Button On File


Click on (the arrow next to) the 'Multi Table' Tools.MTable.16x16 button and select Import Excel 16 'Import from Excel File...'

Multi Table Button On Toolbar Import

Dialog 'Ple4Win: Import tables...' is shown. Select the Excel file, click on the Open button and the 'Multi Table: Import' screen will be appeared.

Info Please note, when importing prescribed values (fixed values presented in a dropdown box in Ple4Win) in 'shortname' format, these prescribed values must be in UPPERCASE.

Click to expand/collapseSelect the tables (sheets) to be imported

A general working procedure about the tab Selection can be found in section Multi Table Selection.

When a valid Excel input file has been selected and successfully processed, the tree in the first tab Selection is shown containing all input tables in the current Ple4Win project that match to the worksheets found in the Excel file. By default, these input tables are selected (checked) and are located in their own design function.

To facilitate the users selecting the input tables to be filled with data from the Excel worksheets, different input table icons are used to make distinction between empty and filled input tables in Ple4Win:

Table is empty

Table contains data

Input table

Input Table Green Empty

Input Table Green Filled

Once again, the icons mentioned above represent the status of the input tables in the current active Ple4Win project and not the status of the worksheets in the selected Excel file. Other Ple4Win tables are hidden in this mode.

Info Only worksheets containing input tables can be imported.
Worksheets containing output tables, Special tables or with unrecognised names are ignored (unavailable in tree).

Info Locked input tables in Ple4Win cannot be imported.
If worksheets containing locked input tables in Ple4Win are found, worksheets (input tables) are shown in tree but are disabled (grey).

Warning Existing data in the current Ple4Win project will be overwritten when importing data from Excel worksheets. A warning will be given if a filled input table in Ple4Win is selected and to be overwritten with data from the Excel worksheet.

Select one or more tables to be filled with data from the worksheets or uncheck the checkbox next to the table name to skip the data import.

Load Multi Table Definition

A general working procedure about loading a definition can be found in Multi Table Definition.

Regardless of the selected definition type, only the selected (input) tables setting on tab Selection will be loaded into the 'Multi Table: Import' dialog screen.

Save the Current Multi Table Definition

A general working procedure about saving a definition can be found in Multi Table Definition.

Only one setting will be saved in the 'Multi Table: Import' definition, namely the selected (input) tables setting.

Last changed: 14/09/2016