Wizard step 4: Settings

In the fourth step of the Wizard the user is questioned for some settings. The volume weight of water might influence the soil mechanical values if a (ground) water level was provided. More information on the specific setting will be shown in the Effect field at the right of the screen.

See Properties of settings for additional information for each of the settings.


Click to expand/collapseEdit setting values

Setting values can be adapted by either editing the value (settings with 'open' questions having a question box) or by choosing another answer (settings with multiple choice questions). Editing a value will cause the wizard to go in edit mode. This is shown in the following screenshot:


Info When in edit mode it is not possible to navigate through the different steps of the wizard. Changes made should be saved or discarded (using the Save/Cancel buttons) before you can continue to Calculate.

Last changed: 14/09/2016