Wizard step 3: Locations

In the third step of the Wizard the soil profiles can be assigned to/removed from an ident on the pipe. This screen gives an overview of the idents having a profile assigned (list on the left) and a visualisation is given of the assignments on the pipe.

Assignments of profiles to idents can be added and removed.


Click to expand/collapseAdd/edit assignments

New assignments can be made by clicking the New or Edit Profile Locations... button at the bottom of the pipeline profile assignments overview panel, or by right clicking on an empty spot in the list of idents having a profile assigned and selecting New.



The Profile Location Editor screen will be opened. Here one can specify the assignments of profiles to idents.

Click to expand/collapseRemove assignments

Assignments to an ident can be removed by clicking the Delete button when having the ident selected, or by right clicking the ident in the list and selecting Delete.

One can also remove assignments via the Profile Location Editor screen.

Last changed: 14/09/2016