Ple4Win 4.4.2 released

Ple4Win version 4.4.2 has been released. This version focuses on improvements of data entry and data visualisation. It also contains a number of other improvements, modifications and adaptations. For a detailed description of the changes, please see the change log.

As always, we advise customers to upgrade to the latest version, even if no issues have been encountered using version 4.4.1.
Download Ple4Win Professional 4.4.2.

The main highlights of the new release are:

3D data visualisation

  • Changing data in the 3D visualisation while keeping the same viewport;
  • Show the pipeline’s centreline instead of the actual diameter, this improves the visibility for very long pipelines;
  • Show a settlements line;
  • Show distance labels.

Data entry

  • Reference identifiers now possible with input tables PIPES, SUPPORTS and SISPRC;
  • Increased flexibility to define additional identifiers.


  • Latest NEN 3650-1+C1:2017 confirms the calculation method of the upward vertical soil stiffness for deeply situated pipelines as applied by the Soil Model Wizard of Ple4Win;
  • Underlying calculation methodology modernised.

Courses for Ple4Win users

The performance, accuracy and speed of a project calculated using Ple4Win depends for not a small part on how the project is modeled. More often than not, a good pipeline model has greater benefits than e.g. a faster computer and may prevent lots of calculations on model variations. We are planning to provide for a course on the art of making a good functional pipeline model. This half-day course is primarily intended for experienced users.

For more detailed information, call +31 (0)70 390 2386 or mail to

We also offer dedicated training for individuals or small groups, focused on specified wishes of the attendees and/or going into details of specific problems the attendees have encountered. Again, contact us for more information.

Ple4Win forum

For support or advice, please visit the Ple4Win forum. There you can also read the FAQs, tips & tricks, report your findings or tell us your views.

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