Modules Structure

The structure of Ple4Win is of a modular nature with basic modules to perform basic flexibility and stress/strain analysis and special modules to accommodate special applications. Various “Code checking” modules are available to directly adhere to specific code requirements. Hence, Ple4Win user can tailor the (functionality of the) program to fit their actually need, reducing costs and complexity in the process. However, the main model is kept as free from code based ad hoc requirements as possible.

As a result, with the ongoing development of Ple4Win in the wake of new Pipeline Codes becoming available and new construction and installation methods developed, new modules are added in time to include further advanced functionality. Especially the fit-for-purpose analysis on existing pipelines is a first order technical challenge.



The modular structure consists of:

  • Basic modules, necessary to calculate relatively non-complex pipeline structures (green pipes)
  • Special modules necessary to calculate a variety of more complex structures (blue, grey and pink pipes)
  • Check modules to shape the results according to the various code requirements (gold pipes)