Mitre bends

Mitre bends may frequently occur in low pressure pipelines like potable and waste water lines. These bends can be calculated with the theory for smooth bends under certain conditions…

Up to Ple4Win version 4.5.0 only smooth bends could be applied. In case of a mitre bend an equivalent smooth bend radius had to be determined by the user such that the bending stiffness was equal to the bending stiffness of the mitre bend. Then the calculation of the equivalent bend radius is dependent on the analysis type, because of the bend behaviour approach: 1st order for NEN 3650, Belgian law and ASME, 2nd order for General. Moreover stress correction factors have to be determined and applied. In a word a time-consuming method.

In the new mitre bend module two input data are required to enable the program to calculate the equivalent bend radius. No extra effort by the user is necessary anymore. The mitre bend model has been verified based on test results. The limits for the field of application are clearly indicated and based on mitre bend test results as well and pipeline codes.