Geometrically non-linear effects (string theory)

This post is the first of a new category of application scope examples for Ple4Win. The emphasis of these examples is on the theory behind the program. See the starting page for more information.

Geometrically non-linear effects

Multiple loads working on a pipeline can result in vastly different results depending on the calculation method used. It is important that the user is aware of this. One important point here is the difference between geometrical linear calculations and geometrical non-linear calculations.

To clarify the difference between those two calculation methods a horizontal beam supported at one end by a hinged support and at the other end by a roller support is used. At the roller support end a pulling force is applied.

Example project setup

So both gravity (deadweight) and pulling force are acting on the structure. More about the theory behind the two calculation methods and the results in both cases can be found in the full article.