1. Project Setup [FXUNITS]

Initiate pipeline design

General description

Design function 1 is used to define the basic setup of the pipeline project. It differs from all subsequent functions in several ways:

1.It has no input- or output-data tables,

2.Several parts of the function can be edited even if the function itself is locked,

3.As long as all relevant data remains at default values, the function will be processed automatically.


Below is a screen capture of a typical overview panel. For information on its items and icons, see below.

Design Function 1


Function description

Before this function has been processed all table headings are shown in default dimension units : Length = mm, Force = N and Time = s. Processing the function results in the general dimension units to be altered according to the dimension units provided in the "Units"-data entry group. After processing the function these specific dimension units are fixed for all table headings. After processing the function data in the "Project Phase"-, "Units"- and "Analysis Type"-data entry groups cannot be changed as long as the function is not set-back. Data in the white fields of the "Project Information"-data entry group can always be changed, data in the grey fields there is read-only. Model options can be changed up to a certain point of the pipeline processing sequence, depending on the option. Model options may be unavailable, depending on the program type (educational or professional) and/or the type of program modules available.

Warning Data already existing in input data tables are not adjusted to the specific dimension units provided!

Info If this function has not been processed yet, it is not possible to check units when copying tables from another design identification.

Data entry groups:

Data necessary for this function is grouped into several blocks:

Project Information

Informational data only. This group is always accessible, even if the design function is locked. Data in the white fields of this group can be changed, data in the grey fields is read-only.

Project Phase

Options to initialize the shape of the pipeline structure and the related soil- and external support reactions. More detailed information can be found here.


Set the general dimension units of the pipeline project. See the function description above.

Analysis Type

Set the rules against which the pipeline data is compared to determine illegal or out-of-range data and/or legal conformity. More detailed information can be found here.

Model Options

Options to influence how calculations on the input data is performed. More detailed information can be found here.

Design function control:

Controlling the function is done through the icons and texts on the right side of the panel. Depending on the processing state, different actions are possible:

DfWork Calculate & Lock

Process design function 1. If it can be processed automatically, this option is disabled / greyed out. Just continue with the next function.

DfStop Stop this function

Only enabled / active while processing design function 1. If clicked, a small window will appear to give the user the choice between stopping (output data is retained, may not end processing immediately), aborting (output data is lost, ends processing instantly) or cancelling this action (continue processing).

DfSetbackSet-back the whole pipeline project

Normally disabled / greyed out until design function 1 has been processed successfully. Clicking it will unlock all data entry groups, making changes to their data possible again.

Warning Note that all other design functions will be set back as well!

H1003, last changed: 2/5/2020

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