Specification of idents to be added to the list of existing idents (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Reference identification

Existing identification from input tables ORIGIN or POLYDIF / Empty

(When left empty the ORIGIN will be the referenced position)


Distance from polygon point along pipeline axis to (first) joint in polygon line (n)

May be negative / Undefined = 0

(A negative value means a distance back towards the origin.)

(Warning If REFIDENT is undefined, ΔAX-L is the absolute AX-L value of the pipeline. The same counts for ΔX-P and ΔAX-LP. Also Δ Node / Δ Element will be the absolute node / element number)

(Column may be toggled to ΔX-P, ΔAX-LP, Δ Node, Δ Element or Identifier, see toggling data tables.)

(Warning When toggled to 'Identifier' the REFIDENT should be left empty.)


Identification name to be added to IDENTS list

Unique / Required

(NEWIDENT is added to the list of idents specified in input tables ORIGIN and POLYDIF. A list of all idents with corresponding locations will be provided in output table IDENTS.)

Info Be aware that a weak element has got no length in PLE (see explanation below)



H200151 (last modified: December 13, 2019)

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