Specification of length of run and branch of tees (Input Table)

Table description:

The input data table TEECONF contains length data of tees required for the pipeline behaviour and stress calculations including stress intensification in the tees. Tees can only be present in connection points specified by IDENTS in table CONNECT. The connection is assumed to be rigid. A tee consists of 2 run elements joining in the connection point and being in a direct line with each other, and one branch element perpendicular to the run elements.

At the 3 ends of a tee an IDENT is assigned by the program consisting of the TEE-ident (CONNAME from table CONNECT) with the addition 's' (start of run), 'e' (end of run) and 'b' (branch).

The number of design displacement cycles of the pipeline is of importance too for radius and wall thickness limits and stress intensification factors (see also table H.3 from NEN-EN 13480-3 and the notes from table E1 of Appendix E of ASME B31.8).

The other tee data are specified in input table TEESPEC in Design Function 3.1.

H200172 (last modified: December 13, 2019)

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