Specification of number and location of joints (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Identification name of polygon point (n)

May be Undefined

(REFIDENT should come from table ORIGIN or POLYDIF or be generated by the program. Bend polygon points are not allowed, bend tangent points are. If Undefined, see under Δ-AX-L.)


Distance from polygon point along pipeline axis to (first) joint in polygon line (n)

May be negative / Undefined = 0.

(The first joint is not allowed to be situated in the start point of the pipeline or in a bend. A negative value means a distance back towards the origin.)
(Warning If REFIDENT is undefined, ΔAX-L is the absolute AX-L value of the pipeline. The same counts for ΔX-P and ΔAX-LP. Also Δ Node / Δ Element will be the absolute node / element number)
(Column may be toggled to ΔX-P, ΔAX-LP, Δ Node, Δ Element or Identifier, see toggling data tables.)

(Warning When toggled to 'Identifier' the REFIDENT should be left empty.)


Number of pipe lengths L-PIPE starting from s-ax-l provided with a joint at the pipe end

> 0 / Undefined = 0.

(It is allowed that the last joint of the series is situated beyond the first polygon point after the first joint but not beyond the second polygon point after the first joint.)


Length of pipe (= distance) between two joints

> 0. / Undefined if n-pipe = undefined


Length of pipe (= distance) between last joint in series and final joint

> 0. / Undefined = 0.

(The last joint is not allowed to be situated in a bend or in an end point of the pipeline.)


Reference name for joint characteristics in input table JOINTS and/or JNTSPRS

Required name must be unique.

H200191 (last modified: December 13, 2019)

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