Specification of location of external supports along pipeline axis (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Identification name of polygon point (n)

May be Undefined

(REFIDENT should come from table ORIGIN or POLYDIF or be generated by the program. If Undefined, see under Δ-AX-L.)


Distance from polygon point along pipeline axis to (first) support

May be negative / Undefined = 0.

(A negative value means a distance back towards the origin.)
(Warning If REFIDENT is undefined, ΔAX-L is the absolute AX-L value of the pipeline. The same counts for ΔX-P and ΔAX-LP. Also Δ Node / Δ Element will be the absolute node / element number)
(Column may be toggled to ΔX-P, ΔAX-LP, Δ Node, Δ Element or Identifier, see toggling data tables.)

(Warning When toggled to 'Identifier' the REFIDENT should be left empty.)


Coordinate system in which the support acts

Prescribed names:Global, Local or Fixed Local

(Global: Support springs act in the overall coordinate (X-Y-Z) system
Local: Support springs act in the local node coordinate (x-y-z) system, which is turning with the pipeline axis.
Fixed Local: Support springs act in the Fixed local node coordinate (x-y-z) system, not turning with the pipeline axis.
See Coordinate systems for descriptions of the coordinate systems.)


Support reference name

The specified name must be from the list in either table ELSPRS or table TFSPRS, else a function error occurs in Design Function 3.3.


Length of support along pipeline axis

> 0. / Undefined

(The length will be subdivided into 2 support elements. If undefined, the support is assigned to one node without support angle: then the support force causes no ovalisation of the pipe.)


Support angle

15. and ≤ 180. / Undefined ¹

(Must be undefined if SUPPLENG is undefined.)


Number of additional supports at a constant distance

> 0. / Undefined ¹


Distance between supports

> 0. / Undefined ¹


¹  see also Table error description

H200201 (last modified: December 13, 2019)

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