Specification of number and location of partially restrained connection in a SiS section (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Identification name of polygon point (n)

Undefined / Existing identification

(REFIDENT should come from table ORIGIN or POLYDIF or be generated by the program)

(Warning REFIDENT should be positioned on the inner pipe and within the SiS section)


Distance from polygon point (REFIDENT) along pipeline axis to the first partially restrained connection in polygon line (n)

May be negative / Undefined = 0.

(A negative value means a distance back towards the origin.)
(Column may be toggled to ΔX-P, ΔAX-LP, Δ Node, Δ Element or Identifier, see toggling data tables.)


Number of additional partially restrained connections

> 0 / Undefined = 0

(Each PRC is located on the inner pipe and should have an accompanying outer pipe element, perpendicular from the outer pipe)


Distance between consecutive PRCs

> 0. / Undefined if N-PRC = undefined


Type of partially restrained connection

Required / Prescribed names

(In the current version only 'Rollers' are allowed)

H200231, last changed: 11/28/2019

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